Fuel additive for flushing injectors. Cleans fuel injection pump, injectors, combustion chambers and valves; provides complete combustion of fuel and limits emissions of harmful exhaust gases; eliminates acceleration failures and unstable idling; reduces excessive fuel consumption; prevents the formation of deposits. It can be used by adding to the tank, as well as using an injection cleaner

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Removes all deposits. Avoids premature clogging of the injection pump, injectors, turbo, catalytic converter and particle filter. Improves fuel combustion. Restores power and engine performance. Makes cold starting easier. Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust smoke. To be used in machines refs 9322 and 9190.


Bardahl is a technology-driven manufacturer, from 1939 when we developed polar attraction formulas that improved motor oil properties to creating innovative chemicals that enhance the performance of today’s vehicles. We are a family-owned and value-driven company with high quality products that are sold worldwide and are proudly made in the USA.

Our Technology

The Bardahl commitment to innovative technology through research was founded from the very beginning with its first oil additive that used a unique formulation to reduce friction. The technology was further developed with a Polar Attraction Formula that improved the anti-wear, anti-friction, and extreme pressure properties of motor oils. Bardahl continues to develop innovative products and recently designed “ultra concentrated” formulations that include smaller volumes of chemical solutions, yet perform at higher levels of effectiveness for less cost.

Commitment to Quality

Bardahl has built its leading worldwide reputation by maintaining the highest quality standards to produce the finest specialty lubricants, additives and automotive service chemicals in the industry. Scientific research is continuously being conducted by chemists at the company’s state of the art laboratory. All products are tested according to the standards established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM international) and other professional organizations. From formulation to production, Bardahl uses advanced technology and strict quality control procedures to ensure every product meets or exceeds its defined specifications.

For 80 years, Bardahl high-quality lubricants and additives have been taking care of your engines and equipment.
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